Wish List Items

Every donation we receive is greatly needed – from newspapers to wet dog food to leashes and everything in between.  Our Wish List gives a good idea of what helps us run the Adoption Center smoothly.  There are certain things that might not occur to some donors, though, but they are just as necessary to the overall operations of the shelter.  These items include:

Surgical supplies – Items such as surgical gloves and gauze are a constant need in the veterinary departments.  We need to stay safe and sanitary in order to give the animals the proper medical care that they deserve.

String cheese – So many dogs will do anything for a piece of cheese.  It’s a great way to motivate those canines into following commands.  Basically, dogs have the potential to be better-trained and better-behaved with high-value treats like string cheese.

The dogs could learn to do this!

Laundry detergent – The laundry machine in the shelter is almost always running.  We constantly use donated towels and sheets, and we need something to keep them clean!

Office supplies – Even things that wouldn’t normally be associated with an animal shelter ,like pens and printer paper, are needed.  Adoption paperwork can’t be done without items like these.  Everything, big and small, comes back to benefit the animals!

If you don’t want to purchase specific items, gift cards from Acme or Home Depot are always welcome.  Gift cards make it easy for us to buy exactly what we need, and any amount is appreciated!

For a more detailed look at our Wish List, visit our website.  Also take a look at our wish list on Amazon.  Thanks in advance for your generosity – dogs like Gail and George will love you for it!  Every little bit counts and we couldn't do it without you!

Gail and George say “Thank you!”