Seniors Saving Seniors…People Saving Animals…Animals Saving People

Meet Sue. She adopted Troop, a senior Cocker Spaniel from us. That's Troop with Sue.

“We adopted a senior dog, Troop, from Providence Animal Center, and I can truly say what an amazing experience it has been. Our vet said he was 11 when we got him over a year ago. I love every single day with him. Older adult dogsare so wonderful and truly understand they have been rescued. They are a lot of fun too and most always love a good snuggle. Troop even kayaks with us!” -Sue

While Sue is no senior, she and Troop are poster children for our Seniors Saving Seniors adoption special, where folks 55+ can adopt a dog 5 years or older for just $55.50 or a cat 5 years or older for just $25.50! Also included in the adoption special is a veterinary certificate for a free wellness exam and vaccines for the following year.

While Adoption Centers aren't the ideal place for senior animals to be living their lives, it's a reality that they find their way homeless. And it's our job to make sure we give them the best last years of their lives. If Troop could talk, we think he'd say, “In all my years, I never imagined life could be this good.”

Meet some seniors dogs here and here and a senior cat here, all of which apply to our Seniors Saving Seniors adoption special.