Hello friends! My name is Zoey, and I’m a new arrival at Providence Animal Center, in Media. I recently made the journey north from an overcrowded shelter in Florida, where I was lucky to be rescued from because I needed life-saving surgery. My right hind leg was removed due to a fracture, and I’ve never felt better thanks to my friends at #PAC!

Some may call me an underdog because I’m starting a whole new, three-legged chapter at 8 years old. I’m here to prove them wrong because I am a spunky gal who can learn new tricks, and I’m already getting the hang of this “tri-pawd” lifestyle! I hopped right in the #car without any problems when posing for these beautiful photos. Impressive, right?!

Some differently-abled #pets may need something extra from their families, but it doesn’t mean they have less love and life to give. I just know I’m going to impress my future family with all I’ve got, which will hopefully be soon since I am headed to the Rafferty Subaru Loves Pets #Adoption Event, where all adoption fees will be sponsored by Subaru and the ASPCA!

If you’re looking to add a four- (or three-) legged companion to your family, you can check out all of my doggy friends, currently available at Providence Animal Centerhttps://providenceac.org/adopt/dogs/.

Tail wags and doggy kisses,