Oh, hi there! My name is Troy, and I’m SO excited to meet you! I recently made the journey from an overcrowded shelter in Florida to Providence Animal Center, in Media, and I just know I’ve got my best shot at happily ever after here. I’m hoping you’ll be part of my fairy tale ending, but first I’ll tell you a bit about me.

My friends at PAC all call me an attention-getter because I’m always wiggling and smiling! I walk very well on the leash, and love taking leisurely walks where I’m able to enjoy all of those good outdoor smells. You could say I’m pretty confident – I hopped right into the car to pose for photos! I could live with the right doggy sibling and family of all ages.

What do you say? Am I your Prince Charming? Walk in to meet me soon at Providence Animal Center. I can’t wait!

Tail wags,