Rafferty Rescue Pet of the Week: Tiny!

Hi there, my name is Tiny!

I am a 1-year old Georgia native. True to name, I don’t know my own size – I’m 82 pounds of pure goofiness! I get so excited to see my friends at Providence Animal Center that I just want to hug them! Dogs too, as you can see. I would love for an adult family to have experience with big pooches like myself and continue the training that my friends at PAC have started. I may be cute, but I’m not all looks – I love to learn! I’ve been working on cues like “sit,” “drop it” and other commands! I’m also working on my leash-walking manners; sometimes I still try to take the leash and show my human friend where exactly I want to go. I can’t wait to be in my furever home and go on daily “sniffari’s” where we just walk and walk and I can take in the world through my big nose – these are the best! I have been so lucky to be at PAC where they can understand my quirks and give me the patience I need to be the best boy. I know there is someone out there for me – someone who’s probably a little different than the rest, just like me. My paws are crossed that they will see this post. If that’s you, send an adoption profile to one of my favorite humans at the Center, Dayna: DVilla@ProvidenceAC.org.

Big hugs and sloppy kisses,