Oh, hi there! My name is Mars and I’m the dashing white gentleman in these pictures! My pointy-eared friend? That’s Pearl. She’s the peanut butter to my jelly, and I’d never want to live without her in my life! That’s why our friends at Providence Animal Center call us a “bonded pair” – it means we simply must go home together!

I am approximately 9 years old and Pearl is approximately 12, and we’re 10 and 12 pounds respectively! We’d be content to be your couch potato companions, under-the-kitchen-table crumb detectives, but most of all we want to be your best buddies for all our days. Don’t be fooled by our ages – we’ve both got a pep in our step! We love treats (a lot), going on scenic walks, and definitely don’t mind hopping in the car for a joy ride.

What do you think?! If you’re interested in meeting us, head to Providence Animal Center soon. We’re DOUBLE the happily ever after!


Mars & Pearl

P.S. Someone sponsored our adoption, which means our adoption is free to the right home! Yippee!