Providence Animal Center & Francisvale Home for Smaller Animals join forces

Providence Animal Center (PAC) and Francisvale Home for Smaller Animals are pleased to announce they have affiliated. Both 100-plus-year-old organizations located in Delaware County, PAC and Francisvale will be collaborating to increase their impact, saving the lives of more animals and providing new and expanded services to the people who care for them.

In the spring of 2022, Francisvale reached out to PAC’s board for guidance, and after researching potential local partners, they concluded that PAC was the ideal organization to approach. PAC’s board entered into a confidential exploration phase of discussion, and during that time, PAC’s board learned everything possible about Francisvale’s history, mission, property and more. Ultimately, it was determined that the ideal arrangement would be an affiliation, where PAC becomes the parent organization, and Francisvale becomes a subsidiary, retaining its name, identity and historic grounds, surrounded by pet memorials.

A second campus allows PAC to expand its presence and programs as well as the capacity to care for more animals. Francisvale’s 21 dog kennels will provide PAC with 70 total kennels.

PAC’s mission is to offer exceptional, affordable and life-affirming rescue, adoption, medical care and training of companion animals and serve as a community resource that inspires others to embrace the human-animal bond. Moving to an affiliation with Francisvale is an important way PAC can expand its reach and honor the commitment to that mission.

As the implementation progresses and a few repairs on the Francisvale property, in Radnor, are completed, more information about this exciting affiliation will be shared.