Coloring Book By Jay McClellan

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Renowned artist Jay McClellan has teamed up with PAC & FV to create a unique coloring book featuring beloved pets. Each entry to the coloring books is a donation of $250 and includes your cat or dog included in the book, a hand-colored drawing, and a copy of the book. Each pet requires a separate submission, and all dogs and cats are welcome! Proceeds from the coloring books will be shared between us and McClellan’s non-profit, Benevolent Hound, with PAC & FV receiving $100 from each submission to support our vital work.
As the main artist for White Dog Cafe in Glen Mills, McClellan is celebrated for his engaging projects, including collaborations with Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie.
View Jay's amazing work:
Once you submit your pet(s) your information will be passed along to Jay so that you can get started on the next steps!
**You will be notified once the coloring books are finished!