Gender: Female

Size: Medium

Age: Young Adult

Location: Adoption Center

Meet Sammie, the delightful three-year-old female cat whose charm is as enduring as her striking grey tabby coat. With a personality as unique as her distinctive markings, Sammie is a feline companion that adds a touch of elegance and playfulness to any household.

Sammie's most enchanting feature is undoubtedly her big green eyes that sparkle with intelligence and curiosity. These eyes are windows to a world of wonder, reflecting the depth of her inquisitive spirit and the warmth of her affectionate nature.

But that's not all – Sammie's chubby cheeks are an irresistible testament to her love for the good things in life. With every gentle nuzzle, you can feel the softness of those cheeks, adding an extra layer of endearment to this already lovable cat. Sammie's roly-poly appearance only enhances her cuddle factor, making her the perfect companion for cozy moments.

This grey tabby beauty is not just about looks; she brings a playful energy to every room she enters. Whether it's chasing after a feather toy or gracefully leaping onto a perch, Sammie's antics are sure to bring smiles and laughter to those lucky enough to witness them.

At three years old, Sammie has matured into a seasoned companion, blending the curiosity of youth with the wisdom of experience. As she continues to explore and share her affectionate nature, you'll discover that Sammie is not just a cat but a cherished member of the family, offering comfort, companionship, and a daily dose of joy to brighten your days.

Color: Black
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Location:  Adoption Center
ID:  A48282280
May be able to live with:

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