PAC’s Summer 16 Challenge

Take part in PAC’s Summer 16 Challenge by helping our longtimer dogs get a break from the Center! 16 of our dogs have been without forever-homes ranging from 70 to 350+ days – that’s too long for any pet to be without at least a little break!

Taking one of these dogs home on a sleepover for 1-3 nights will not only allow them to get out of the stressful kennel environment, but it will help us get to know how their personality shines by giving them an place where they can unwind, relax, and show us what their future forever-families can expect once they bring them home. Does the dog love snuggling on the couch? Do they love certain kinds of toys and treats over others? How do they do in the car to and from the Center? Bringing a dog home for a sleepover can help answer these questions and allow potential forever families to get to know them better!

Our Summer 16 Challenge is a great option for anyone looking for a furry companion but isn’t in a position to adopt or foster long-term. Also, for these 16 dogs, all their sleepover fees are waived, so you can bring home one of these wonderful pups for a couple of days for free!! Come in today to meet them!

Check out the sweet 16 below: