Oh, George

This is Curious George. He came to us at Providence Animal Center on Halloween afternoon, price dropped off by a concerned citizen who saw him roaming the streets. He should weigh 60-70 lbs, he’s only 35 lbs. In other words, he’s half of his body weight. It’s amazing that George is alive, let alone standing as he was so severely dehydrated, a dog in his condition shouldn’t be able to walk. This is perhaps the worst act of deliberate deprivation to food and water we’ve ever seen. Dogs are extremely resourceful and could have access to trash, etc. in order to survive and it’s clear Curious George was denied that ability to fend for himself. Based on our experience with animal cruelty, Curious George was deliberately starved. Our Humane Investigator is currently investigating where Curious George was found to try to find any information about who might have done this to him. Our hope is that you might be able to cover Curious George’s story to help us find out more information about who did this to him and to prevent future acts of cruelty to animals; to know that we as a community do not stand for such cruelty.


Curious George received emergency fluids and veterinary care to stabilize him. For anyone interested in donating to his care, donations can be made at here.