New Cattery Mayor!

Our beloved Frank Sinatra was adopted this week – a joyous event, of course, but one that forced him to step down from his position at Cattery Mayor.  After his retirement, elections were held to find a new leader who would be suitable for the post.  It was a tough decision, but the felines have spoken, and they have chosen Marigold, a female Calico, as their new mayor.

Marigold has a turbulent background.  She was originally found as a stray in Camden County and brought to their local animal shelter.  No one came to claim her as their own, and she was unfortunately overlooked in a facility that was caring, but just too overcrowded.  The Providence Animal Center saw her potential and brought her to their Adoption Center, where she has been waiting to find her forever home.  In the meantime, she has taken a liking to the staff and the other cat residents, and they enjoy her company right back.

Marigold has many qualities that are sure to make her a fabulous mayor.  She approaches those who visit her kennel with confidence and interest.  She is about 5 years old, giving her the wisdom and calm demeanor that some younger cats wouldn't have.  She gets along with other cats well, and would be happy living with another feline – this shows her compatibility with all sorts of personalities.  She is also friendly towards children of all ages, showing her dedication to the youth in the community.  Not to mention she’s photogenic – an excellent quality for someone in the spotlight!

Marigold's recent photo shoot displays her confidence…
…while also proving that she has a softer side.

Said Marigold in her acceptance speech, “It’s about time a female was elected as mayor of the Cattery!  I will do my best to maintain peace at the Adoption Center and keep the other residents happy until they leave for their forever homes.”

Come pay Marigold a visit and catch up on the goings-on of the Cat Room.  She’d love to meet you!