Our Low-Cost Surgeries Save Lives!

Mary K. met Sierra, viagra order an American Bulldog blend, ampoule in 2011.  She had agreed to foster her for a rescue organization that had transported her all the way up from Georgia.  Sierra had partial paralysis in her face and her right eye could not produce tears, but that didn’t stop Mary K. from falling in love with her.  She intended on fostering Sierra temporarily, but she found that she couldn’t let her go and soon decided to make her a permanent part of her family.

Three years have passed since Mary K. adopted Sierra, and over time her condition worsened to the point that she could no longer see out of her right eye and the muscles in her face had begun to deteriorate, causing her a great amount of pain.  Mary K. visited several ophthalmologists and came to the decision to have Sierra’s eye removed, but it would have cost thousands of dollars for the surgery.  She previously had great experiences with Providence Animal Center’s Director of Shelter Medicine Dr. Kimberly Boudwin and knew that we offered quality low-cost care, so she brought Sierra to Providence Animal Center for this eye removal surgery, called an enucleation, and paid a fraction of the price she would have at a private practice vet. It has been two weeks since Sierra’s surgery, and she is recovering well in the comfort of her home.

Sierra the night of her surgery with Belle

Mary K. and Sierra’s story is not unique; there are so many responsible pet owners who love their companions but are unable to afford rising vet prices for surgeries like this one.  Too often, these owners are forced to surrender their beloved pets to shelters because they simply cannot take on the financial burden that vet care can cause.  We hear stories like these and witness them firsthand, and we know that we have the power to help so many pet owners keep their pets.

Our mission is to protect and improve the health and welfare of companion animals and support the people who care for them.  We work to reduce pet homelessness and save lives, and we do that not just by placing thousands of animals into forever homes every year, but also by providing services that will allow pets to stay in their homes with the families that already love them.  Our low-cost surgeries are one of these services, and we want you to spread the word about them so we can help as many families as possible!

We offer surgeries such as limb amputations, bladder stone removals, mass removals, and many others.  All of our veterinarians are University of Pennsylvania graduates and provide high-quality care to their pet patients.  We often get patient referrals from private practices who are familiar with our vets’ top-notch work and know that their clients can benefit from our low-cost care.  Sierra is living proof of that!

To speak to our veterinary department about surgery options, call 610-566-1370 x3.  We’re here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help save your pet’s life!