Kennel Sponsorship

Having you heard about our Kennel Sponsorship program?  Being a Kennel Sponsor is easy, ampoule  and you’ll play a huge role in caring for specific animals in the Adoption Center.

How it works: Sign up to pay $50 a month for 12 months, and all of your donations will go straight to the care of the animal in your sponsored kennel, including its food and vaccines.  You can choose to put money towards either a dog or a cat cage.  A paw print plaque with your name on it will be attached to the front of the cage to show everyone the generous person that is helping us care for that animal.

The benefits:  Not only will you be putting your funds towards needy animals, you’ll get an update about your sponsored dog or cat at the end of each month.  You’ll get a chance to see exactly what your donations are going towards: a furry face who has a better life because of you!  Sometimes the animal is adopted before the full month is up and another one is placed in the kennel, so you end up saving multiple lives!

This is Fresh Prince, a Lab/Boxer blend who is available for adoption.  Imagine getting this photo and knowing that you’re providing the care for this sweet boy!

How to sign up: To start being a lifesaver now, e-mail Tara or give her a call at (610) 566-1370 x219.  To download a Kennel Sponsorship order form, visit our website.  There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing you’ve directly helped an animal find his or her forever home.