James Dean is One Lucky Dog

Get ready for a heart-warming Happy Tail!

Many of our followers will remember long-time homeless dog James Dean, a Pit Bull/Hound mix who was rescued from an overcrowded shelter in Philadelphia in December.  This devilishly handsome canine was popular with Providence Animal Center staff members; he bonded particularly well with Front Desk employee Amanda, who knew what a deserving dog he really was.  We all hoped for a great life for our James.  After months of waiting for the perfect adopters, we're happy to announce that James has found his forever family and is doing wonderfully in his new home!

We bond with our long-term residents strongly, and look out for them as they wait for their forever homes to come along.  We feel as though we go through the journey with them, starting from the day they are brought to our Adoption Center to the day their adoptions are finalized.  We saw James through months at our facility, in which he went through multiple meet and greets, a stay at Perfect Pooch, and one adoption that ultimately didn’t work out.  Now we’re confident that his new parents will give him the life he deserves.

No one is happier for James than his favorite employee, Amanda

To all of our staff, volunteers, visitors, and Facebook fans who have followed James’ story over the past few months, we thank you for all of your love and support.  Now he’s found a comfortable spot to sleep, and could not be happier!

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