Help Us Give These Pets a Little Extra Love!

This is Zelda. Zelda is an adorable 3-month-old brown tabby kitten who loves to cuddle and would make the perfect companion for just about any family. She came to Providence Animal Center three weeks ago in search of a forever home. What makes Zelda so special? She only has three legs! She was rescued from a high-volume shelter with a broken leg, price and our veterinarians were able to amputate the leg and give her ample time to recover. Having a leg amputated doesn’t make her any less adoptable to us – in fact, online she just found her forever home! – but in many shelters, her fate would have been much different.

Becoming a lifesaving organization has allowed us to give second chances to many sick and/or injured dogs and cats that would likely otherwise be euthanized in high-risk facilities due to lack of resources and space. These days, a surgery like the one performed on Zelda can be done with ease by our skilled veterinarians. Having three legs hasn’t diminished her quality of life, and she can still play with other cats and cuddle with her new family members.

We are able to save special needs animals like Zelda and give them the top-notch care that they require thanks to the continued support of our generous donors. We know that injured animals deserve just as much of a second chance as other dogs and cats do, and we are so grateful that we are able to help them.

Even though Zelda has been adopted, there are plenty of adoptable pets that still need our help, like Kate Winslet, a Pit Bull Terrier blend who came to us with an untreated case of demodectic mange that left her completely hairless.  With medical treatment and the warmth and love of a temporary foster home, she has made great progress (as you can see in the above photo!), but she still has a long way to go.  We know we can get her back to health with your help.  You can donate to Kate’s care though our website – just note that the donation is for Kate Winslet.  Thanks in advance for allowing us to save a great dog who just needs some extra help in getting to her forever home!