Get Ready for Brand New Kennels!

Anyone who has visited the Adoption Center lately has probably noticed something unusual going on in the kennels.  The sound of barking dogs has been accompanied by the even noisier sound of construction.  Thanks to a generous donation from the Countess DeTrampe Foundation, our organization has begun building brand new kennels for our homeless dogs.  Last year, this foundation provided us with the funds to put up large dog pens that are located behind the Adoption Center.  Now they have enabled us to completely renovate our kennel space, and we're so excited to put their generosity to good use!

These changes will bring many benefits to our first priority – the animals.  Cinderblock will be used instead of the ceramic tiles currently lining the kennels, making everything much more durable.  And durable is exactly what a dog kennel needs to be – it has to stand up to all sorts of canines jumping and running on it.  It also must withstand the heavy-duty cleaning that the kennel staff performs every morning.

A "before" shot of the kennels...

...and the newly-constructed section.

One of the more noticeable changes that visitors will notice is located at the back of the “Medium” section – a larger kennel made out of two previously smaller ones.  This will be the new hangout location for the litters of puppies that we frequently house.  This “puppy duplex” will give them lots of space to play with each other and allow them all space to sleep when they are tired.


Our renovations began during the first week of April, and the work is estimated to last for about two months.  Much work still needs to be done, but we are confident that the crew can finish the changes by their deadline.  So bear with us in our current state of construction – when it is completed, it will give the dogs a better place to stay while they are waiting for their forever homes!