Director of Operations receives world-class dog training certification

Dayna Villa, buy cialis Director of Operations at Providence Animal Center recently received the most widely recognized certification in the profession of dog training.

Villa, a Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT) for two years, received the skills assessed (KSA) portion of her training certification on May 22. While the initial CPDT level is designed to assess the knowledge deemed necessary by animal training experts for an entry-level dog trainer, which involves testing the general knowledge of animal training and the application of training techniques, in the skills assessed (KSA) examination, the training professional must demonstrate the skills necessary to train animals and teach others to train their animals. 

The skills assessed evaluation is offered twice a year. As of the last time the skills assessed test was offered, there were only 58 CPDT-KSAs worldwide.

Minimum requirements to take the certification exam includes at least 300 hours experience in dog training within a five year period, and 225 hours (75%) of experience must be actual teaching hours (group class, private lessons) as a Head Trainer or Instructor. Seventy-five hours (25%) of experience can be in other related areas such as working with shelter animals, assisting in classes, working as a veterinary technician or groomer.

Villa oversees the behavior evaluations of all dogs placed up for adoption at Providence Animal Center.

Villa is pictured with Tegan, an adult English Bulldog blend available for adoption at Providence Animal Center.

Go, Dayna, go!!!