Checking in with Ship-O

Staff members and volunteers might remember Ship-O, a Hound blend who was homeless for 74 days at the Adoption Center last summer.  He was finally placed into a home that promised to give him warmth and love forever.  We love our adopters – we quite literally couldn’t run our organization without them – but often, animals from our facility are taken home and are never heard from or seen by us again.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; we prefer them in their homes, not in our kennels.  But we remember them, we wonder about them, and we hope that they are doing well.

This is why getting a follow-up from an adoptive family, 9 months after taking home a long-time resident, means the world to us.  Ship-O’s family sent us a wonderful e-mail to let us know that all is well with their handsome fellow.  He is adored by his parents, and he adores them back.  They say that he is loving, sweet, and a great snuggler!  By the looks of this photo, we could have guessed that ourselves!

Ship-O is currently enrolled in a Canine Good Citizen course with dog trainer Debbie DeSantis, who has trained many Providence Animal Center alumni (and current resident Eisenhower!).  If a Pit or Pit mix passes this course, Providence Animal Center will receive $150 from the Animal Farm Foundation, an organization that advocates for the Pit Bull breed.  So consider enrolling your dog in this class – everyone benefits from this amazing opportunity!

Ship-O looking out from his favorite spot in the house

We're so happy that Ship-O found his perfect home.  Here’s to one lucky dog, and to hoping that the rest of our adopted animals have found the same happiness that he has!