Buddy’s Still Waitin’ on Forever

Once upon a time, a Good Fairy, wand in hand, lit down on a sad place of many cages. Her great love of all four-footed creatures often led her to what we know as a high-risk shelter, a place where lost and abandoned animals can only wait for someone like the Fairy to wave her wand and rescue them. Or else they face a very sad fate.

There, she found Buddy, a sweet chocolaty brown mutt with a prinky nose who cocked his floppy ears in the cutest way when she sprinkled her dust over his cage. With her magic, she spirited him to a place of safety where Buddy would be cared for by loving humans who would do whatever it took to make Buddy's dream of a forever home come true.

That safe place was called Providence Animal Center Adoption Center, a lifesaving shelter where every pet, big or small, young or old, sick or healthy, stood a chance at a forever home. Lucky for Buddy, because he was sick. After being monitored and tested, Buddy's condition was diagnosed by Providence Animal Center Director of Shelter Medicine Dr. Kimberly Boudwin as a rare birth defect: ectopic urethra, which caused incontinence. But, not to worry, the amazing Dr. Boudwin said, “There's hope! There's a surgery that may help!” There was a chance it wouldn't be 100% effective, but that Little Shelter That Could still wanted to try.

Off Providence Animal Center staff went to raise the money necessary to fund Buddy's $2,000 surgery at an offsite location, because Buddy's surgery had to be done by a board-certified surgeon. Because of the generosity of people who care about abandoned creatures like Buddy, Providence Animal Center team was successful in their efforts to raise the money necessary to fund Buddy's surgery, and right away, he was scheduled.

While the surgery wasn't completely curing, Buddy's incontinence is less. Now, we're on the lookout for a loving family, willing to work with Buddy's health needs, and provide him a happily-ever-after home that understands that Buddy will always be different. Maybe Buddy's forever could be in your home? Read more about him here.