Buddy’s nightmare turns in to a dream come true

Buddy is a sweet Lab-Shepherd pup that was thrown from a moving car and suffered severe burns on his paws. For weeks, he recovered in our Isolation Unit. Here's Buddy hanging out in the managers' office during recovery (waiting for a treat if you can't tell what he's staring at!), when the paws needed to be cleaned and dressed multiple times a day:

Well, Buddy was adopted a few weeks back to an amazing family. They ended up naming him Chase, after another handsome guy named Chase–Mr. Chase Utley, of course! Here's what Barb, his new sister, has to say about him in his new home with her parents: “He is such a good boy. No acciden…ts in the house. He is on a food and walking schedule, and after his walks, he gets his paws cleaned with warm water. He loves to be outside and plays fetch with the ball. He knows “sit,” and “no,” and after his paws heal more, they will begin working on “paw.” Surprisingly, he is very good riding in the car–not scared at all. He has a little red jacket for the cold days. He is doing great and is loved very much.”

On the day Buddy got adopted, Barb said: “You saved three lives today.”