Being a Voice for the Voiceless

The Providence Animal Center does its best to make each animal’s stay here as comfortable and happy as possible.  That being said, ed nothing compares to living in a home with family members who love you and know you better than anyone.  Many animals find that forever home quickly, nurse but some stay a bit longer in our kennels.  In order to give our longer-term dogs a nicer stay here, sale our team members have created the Doggy Diplomat program.  This entirely voluntary program pairs dogs up with a staff member who pays special attention to them.  They take them for walks, spend time with them in their kennels, and get to know their individual personalities.

The program gives each dog a voice, because they cannot speak for themselves.  Their Diplomat can tell potential adopters all of the characteristics that make them unique, giving those adopters a chance to really get to know them before they take them home.  It also allows each dog to grow close to a human being and learn that they can trust the people around them.

One staff member who is consistently involved in the program is Samantha, one of our Adoption Counselors.  Sam has a particular interest in Pit Bulls, and her latest companion at the Adoption Center is Blue Ivy, a young Pitty who we rescued from a local overcrowded facility.  Ivy arrived at our Center very thin and very timid.  Samantha laid eyes on her and immediately knew she would be her Diplomat and get her to come out of her shell.

Based on Ivy’s behavior evaluation, we can tell you that she is friendly towards other dogs, would prefer not to live with cats, and would do best in a home with children 7 and up.  That is essential and valuable information.  But because of Sam’s devotion to her assigned dog, she has also discovered that Ivy has a newfound love for squeaky toys, likes to go for car rides, and is on her way to learning the “down” command.  They also take lunch breaks together!

If you are interested in meeting Blue Ivy, come to the Adoption Center and ask for Sam.  Take a peek behind the Front Desk, and don’t be surprised if you find this pretty Pitty napping at her feet.  These two have an amazing bond that will surely benefit Ivy in her forever home.  We hope it’s just around the corner for this wonderful dog!