It is such a wonderful experience being able to see your newly adopted furry-family member add to and grow with everyone in the home…as is the case for recently adopted Scout (FKA Tully)!

Scout's family writes…

Thank you so much for checking in on Tully. We have renamed him Scout and we couldn't be happier. He is growing like crazy and is very eager to learn and please. He's already quite good at playing ‘fetch', walking on a leash, and staying quietly in his crate at night and when we go out. He loves being with his people and is very friendly with visitors. He's not anxious around other dogs, and has learned when to leave our cat alone. I have attached a few pictures of him in recent days. It seems like he's doubled in size since we got him 2 weeks ago. We're very thankful to have him as part of our pack!”

Thank you for giving Scout a family that he can grow to his full potential with!

Happy forever, Scout!

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