The life of a shelter worker is not always glamorous, but the reward of seeing homeless pets go home is the best feeling in the world – it's why we do what we do…

…but when someone takes the time to recognize the hard work that went into providing their newly adopted floofer with a happily-ever-after, we could not be more appreciative and thankful.

River's family writes back to us:

We changed Billie’s name to River. She is such a good puppy. Very easy to train – in one week she has learned sit, lay down, and stay. Also had no accidents in the house so far. She loves stuffed toys and carries one in her mouth. We got her a baby pool she loves splashing in it. She really is good silly puppy. Can’t thank enough for this opportunity to have her in our family. I’ve been to shelters a few times and you are the only hands-on shelter I’ve ever been to, also one the cleanest. I will be donating money to help support your shelter in the upcoming months. So happy for all the work you do to help animals find new homes.”

Thank you for not only providing River with her forever but for appreciating the work that brought you together.

Have a happy forever, River!