Adoption Success Story: Say Hello to Phantom

When homeless pets are with us for some time before they find their perfect match, a special bond is formed between them and their human caregivers here at the Center – which makes it that much sweeter when we receive updates like this one from Phantom’s family:

“It’s so nice of you to reach out and see how things are going. Phantom is doing great; he is such an amazing dog. I think he just needed a place where he felt safe and loved because it is like night and day from the day, we took him home now. The first few weeks of having him really scared me and had me questioning what the hell I got myself in too, He would growl and bark at everyone on the streets and when someone new walked into our house. Since having adopted him he has done quite a bit of exploring and playing. His has a new buddy named Tug, who is my parents’ dog also a boxer! They get along great Phantom still likes to play a bit rough, but we are working on that. He has been down to the jersey shore playing in the sand and water. We also enjoy taking him on hikes Sunday mornings followed but a bath at the local pet value (PS. I have never seen a dog enjoy bath time as he does) as he likes to play in the creeks! All in all, he is a great dog with such a loving personality. We love him a lot and will continue to try and work on his means of playing with others!”

Thank you for providing Phantom with the happily-ever-after that he and all homeless pets deserve! Phantom’s Fan Club here at Providence is sending lots of love your family’s way!