It truly is the little things that bring our hearts the most joy – like watching your newly adopted pup learn how to chase toys, roll around in the grass, and seeing them meet a whole bunch of new friends and family.

One family who gets to experience these joy-filled moments is Moose's…

His family writes…

Hello! Thank you for checking in on Moose! We love him so much and are having a great time getting to know Moose and working on training. He loves walks, rolling in the grass and learning how to chase toys and bring them back to be thrown again. Moose is eating well and enjoy special treats. He responds to prompts and simple commands which we were quite impressed! He is the new neighborhood favorite and quite popular already. He is super chill and full of love! We couldn’t be happier! We are so grateful for the opportunity to adopt Moose and can’t wait to watch him grow!”

Thank you for giving Moose his shot at forever!