PAC Alumni Milo has made quite the impression on his forever-family!

His family wrote:

“Dear Providence Animal Center,

February 7th was my Milo’s (estimated) first birthday. My fiancé and I adopted Milo (formerly ‘Bishop’) on April 22nd at an adoption event in Delaware. In the past 10 months Milo has brought us so much love and joy. I wanted to tell you a little bit about the life that you helped save.

Milo has had lots of adventures in his first year of life. He has gone camping, gone to the beach, met goats and hundreds of dogs, and went on countless hikes. Milo’s favorite thing to do is go to the dog park. He loves to run full speed and is often the fastest dog there. Milo is also very smart and loves to learn new things. He has graduated from Beginner and Intermediate training classes and is starting advanced class next month.

Most of all Milo is sweet. He loves wrapping his front legs around our necks and giving big hugs and kisses. He is a major snuggler and is convinced that he is a lap dog, all 70+ pounds of him. I am happy to be past the trials of puppy tantrums, teething, and potty training, although I miss the days when I could scoop him into my arms.

We wanted to thank you so much for bringing Milo into our lives. I follow Providence Animal Center on social media and see all the wonderful things you do for animals, bringing some of the worst cases back to health and finding them a loving home. For Milo’s birthday, our friends and family helped raise money for Providence Animal Center by voting for what they believed his top three breeds were. We conducted a DNA test and had a Breed Reveal Party to celebrate. In case you are wondering, he is 37.5% Plott Hound, 12.5% Australian Cattle Dog, 12.5% Brittany Spaniel, and 100% amazing.

Keep up the good work, we are routing for every animal in your care.”

Thank you for welcoming Milo into your home and showing him all the love that the world has to offer! Happy forever, Milo!