ADOPTION SUCCESS STORY: Say Hello to Loki (FKA Chunk a Monk)

What's better than one furry friend to keep you company – two, of course! Loki's family certainly thinks so – they write…

We are so happy to have this new furball in our home!  In just under two weeks he and our cat Tinsel (adopted in December 2016) are really connecting. They are a good team.  We’ve changed his name to Loki. He’s quickly learned where the food drawer is and makes sure to stand in front of it yelling for dinner!  lol. I have attached a picture of Loki as well as our two boys together… Tinsel on the left and Loki on the right.

They like to chase each other and watch the rest of the family do what we do all day. Loki talks allot, and makes sure we know right where he is so we can pay attention to him. He’s learning quickly that his cuteness will get him what he wants and he makes us each feel like we are his favorite person ever!”

Thank you for giving Loki a home and family to be a part of! Happy forever, Loki!