Isn't it wonderful when a new furry addition acts like they've been home with you their entire life?

Well that is exactly what happened with Hermey (FKA Mr. Sleepy)!

His family writes…

Just wanted to let you know (although you probably already know) that we adopted Mr Sleepy today. I have attached a pic of Maddie and Mr Sleepy on the first 5 minutes of the drive home. By the time I got to the gas station, he was snuggled up against her!  The other picture is him relaxing on Jan's lap.

I needed a nap but I didn't want to crate him so soon after getting home. So I took him into the bedroom and put in on the bed…next thing he was in the bathroom with me. We went back to bed. In a few minutes I peeked at him and he was staring at me! Within a short time, he cuddled under the blankets. Nice nap!

It is as if he has been here forever. He fits right in so far. The cats have introduced themselves. Like Maddie he doesn't like peas in his wet food! And he loves peanut butter!  

We renamed him Hermey but he is very used to Mr Sleepy and responds well. We will transition him and his name slowly :o)  Oh why Hermey? We love his little snaggletooth…it made Jan think of the Rudolph cartoon where Hermey wants to be a dentist…..ok, now that you've stuopped shaking your head….

He is precious! Thanks again for the work you do…for bringing families together!”

Thank you for welcoming Hermey into your home and hearts and giving him the forever he, and all homeless pets, truly deserve!

Happy forever, Hermey!

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