Seeing previously homeless pets happy in their forevers warms our hearts like no other! Hearing from the adoptive family of Harper (FKA Burt) certainly did just that…

His family writes:

Hello! We adopted Burt a week and a half ago and he is amazing!  He is the sweetest dog, and gets along great with our dog Halladay.  We did change his name to Harper.  (Phillies theme for our dogs).

We love him dearly and are so glad we came to providence and found him.  He is the perfect addition to our family. Thank you!

**In the picture attached Harper is on the bottom and Halladay is on the top.  (Harper has a blue and white collar and Halladay has a red one).”

Thank you for welcoming such a sweet boy into your home and your hearts!

You all sure make one incredible team!