Newly adopted pets get used to their forever-homes at their own pace – sometimes this could happen instantly, and other times, it could take quite a while! No matter how long it ends up taking though, it is always worth it to see their loving, furry faces finally feel at home.

One pet who is getting to experience this for herself is Gracie – her family writes,

We adopted Gracie on Labor Day and we LOVE her so much! Gracie gets along great with our other dog. She is getting used to our place and is even walking around a lot on her own- but not always! She still requires being carried down the stairs when she’s not in the mood to walk down them herself. I would like to thank your wonderful staff for recommending Gracie to us. They were right- she is the best!???”

Thank you for giving Gracie the time and patience needed for her to finally feel at home! Happy forever, Gracie!