The pets who need a little bit more time to find their perfect-fit of a forever-family hold a special place in our hearts at PAC – it makes it that much sweeter when they find their special someone, and makes our hearts soar when we hear about how they are doing in their new home! This was the case when we heard from Deena's adoptive family – boy was it a wonderful day when she got adopted, and we are beyond thrilled to hear about how well she is doing. Her family writes…
Thank you again for letting us bring Deena into our loving home. She is doing wonderfully! Deena is a very lovable and happy little pup! She is doing so much better with a nice stable home to live at and is loving life! I would like to say once again how thankful I am for everyone there and everything you guys have done for us. I will continue to keep everyone updated with how she is doing. Here a few photos from the past couple of weeks since we've had her.”
Thank you for giving Deena the opportunity she needed to finally feel at home. Happy forever, Deena!