We love a new addition to the family! Nova seems to be enjoying it too. Her family writes…
Nova is doing beautifully!!! She has adjusted super well to her new life! She was so thrilled to have her own bed and tons of new toys!! She is very well behaved and SO polite!! We are still following through with her heartworm medications and keep activity levels low. But she loves all of the mental stimulation toys we have for her. We have been doing slow introductions to new people one at a time and she is just so friendly. We had one accident in the house (it was within the first 2 minutes of getting to her new home and I think she was just SO excited and peed on the carpet…but that’s exactly why grocery stores sell pet carpet cleaner lol!) but aside from one minor accident that she is perfectly house trained! I have been in contact with her previous foster family and they love the updates!! Nova truly has adjusted so well and is the perfect companion. We’re still learning new commands and routines but she is a fast learner 😊”
Happy forever, Nova!!