We love hearing about the things pet parents learn about their newly adopted furry family member! Newman's family is certainly learning a lot! They write…
Larry is now Newman! He's very attached and will not let me out of his sight…He is wonderful though, and acts like a puppy! He gets the zoomies, he was afraid of my shadow at night, he started to growl at something on the 2nd fl, so I took him over to investigate. It was my image in the windows! Lol So, I tried a mirror when we got inside, and he was trying to look for himself behind the mirror. He is very friendly to everyone we meet. He's totally housetrained, and already knows when he should be fed. I wanted an emotional support animal, and will be signing up for training classes – who knows? He's doesn't scare easily (Blender, vacuumn & pot dropping didn't phase him). He loves his toys and picked one out at Petsmart. He's already learning to navigate with wheelchairs being around him. I was told he would not wear clothes but he does love his wool jacket – the type that velcros under his belly. So, here is Newman in his booster seat riding in my car!”
Happy forever, Newman!!