Oliver joined our canine crew needing a little bit of extra love – he had a skin condition that made his hair patchy and skin a bit irritated. With some TLC and medicated baths, Oliver was ready to find his forever where he would be cared for and loved for the rest of his life – and after a few months looking, his forever was finally found! His family writes…

My family adopted Oliver on July 14th and he is doing AMAZING!!! Since the day we brought him home he has fit in with our family and routine so perfectly it’s as if he has lived here all his life! He is the sweetest, most gentle, loving, caring boy ever and we feel so blessed that we were chosen to be Oliver’s forever home ❤️ everyday we are finding out more tricks and commands that he already knows. He definitely thinks he’s a lap dog lol…an 80 pound lap dog lol.”

Thank you for giving this sweet, sweet boy the forever he deserves!