It warms our hearts seeing PAC alumni living life to the fullest! And Maxey (FKA Pierogi) certainly is! His family writes…

Pierogi is doing very, very well. We renamed him Maxey after our favorite 76er. He loves playing in the yard and goes on at least three walks a day. He is very smart and quickly learned several commands through clicker training. This is our first time crate training a pet but he is also doing very well with that. He often decides to just go in there on his own. We put a bed in our bedroom for him but he decided he would be much happier sleeping with us which also makes us happy. He had his first trip to our home in Bethany Beach Delaware last week and loved it there too. He is fascinated with birds so he especially enjoyed his walk on the beach. We are working on chewing and digging holes! That is to say we are working on not doing that. He has his first complimentary veterinary visit at Stoney Creek. next week. Attached is a picture of him in the car on the way home from the beach last week. We made a bed for him in the backseat but he decided he wanted to stay as close as possible to us. He’s very good in the car. He loved getting his pup cup at the Dairy Queen drive through on the way home. He really enjoyed destroying his fluffy football!  In short we absolutely love him!!!”

Happy forever, Maxey!!