ADOPTION SUCCESS STORY: Meet Gus and Nori (FKA Sam and Mills)!

Gotta love the buddy system!! Gus and Nori seem to love it too. Their family writes…
Here are some photos of Sam and Mills (now Gus and Nori, respectively).
Gus (formerly Sam) likes:
– Successfully escaping the apt
– Watching videos on ppls phones
– Walking on countertops
– Biting fingers in a playful way
– Chatty convos via his cute trills
Gus dislikes:
– Bedtime for humans
– Not being paid attention to for more than 5 minutes
Nori (formerly Mills) likes:
– Tissues
– Windows
– Corners
– Attempting to escape the apt
– Watching mom do dishes
Nori dislikes:
– Being held in a blanket like a burrito
– When mom has to wipe/pull poo out of his fluff
– Big loud trucks
I love them so much. Walking into the shelter last month was a great decision and I can’t recommend PAC enough. ❤️”
Thank you for giving these two love bugs a home to call their own, together! Happy forever Gus and Nori!!