Updates like these make our hearts so full…Lulu's (FKA Louise) family writes…

Yesterday was LuLu's GOTCHA DAY! We cannot believe how a year went by so quickly! When she first came to us, she was lost, sad, and confused. Also, she was the most stubborn dog I ever own (and still is!). I have to admit it that after 2 weeks, I was ready to take her back, because of her stubbornness. But I refused do it after I had put myself in her paws. I even saw a video of her crying as they placed her in cage to transport. By the 4th week, she started to trust us and realized that this was her forever home.

When she arrived, she knows no commands. One of the things that we had to teach was for her to become a lap dog …which took her 7 months. She also had to learn commands such as sit (in sign and speak) and the words “no-no”. We are STILL working on “stay” and “come”, and how to walk properly with dogs around on leash. It is a very, long slow process, but she will get there eventually. After few months, I realized that she is not a people dog which is fine with me. All she wanted to do is just sniff the person and then walk away with no socialization. We have NO regrets and love her so dearly. Best part is coming home to her! It is a comical to watch her to get so excited. For us, we will continue adopt senior dogs in future to give them happiness and love for rest of their lives. We would love to get another one now, but unsure how LuLu would react to have a dog here. Happy Gotcha Day, LuLu!!


Thank you for welcoming Lulu into your hearts and home!! Happy forever, Lulu!!