We love hearing about how life on three legs doesn't slow our alumni down!! Just ask Barry! His family writes…
Barry is doing amazing! He immediately got along with his new siblings and believe it or not he's the one that gets too rough during play time.  He does sleep a lot but I know he's still getting used to 3 legs.  He has no trouble jumping on counters, beds or running after toys.  He gets the zooms around 4am lol so it's funny hearing him dart around the house.  I do plan to have him seen by a vet soon just to make sure he's healing well.  His scabs are starting to come off and everything looks like it's healing properly.  I attached some pics too!
Thank you all so much for everything you do. We truly love fostering and especially adopting with PAC.  Barry is our 3rd adoption! He's pictured with Shiva who was a foster we adopted 4 years ago.”
Have a happy life, Barry!!