A Doggy Diplomat Pair That Will Make You Smile

Remember Providence Animal Center's Doggy Diplomat program?  Staff members volunteer to get an “assigned dog” and spend extra time with their canine pal.  This gets the dogs more one-on-one attention that they might not get otherwise.  The program is never-ending – once the dogs get adopted into forever homes, our staff members take on more canines who would benefit from special attention.

Here’s a pairing that some will already know – adoptable dog Buzz Lightyear with his Doggy Diplomat, one of our kennel manager,s Nicola.  Don’t they look like they have so much fun together?  Buzz has a great smile and a lot of playful energy.  He needed some leash manners and lots of exercise – that’s why the Diplomat program is such a benefit for him.  Nicola gives him the care he needs and deserves, and he is a better dog for it.

Please come meet and greet with this loveable guy – he’s so ready to find his forever family!