50 Years Ago Today, a True Lifesaver Walked through our Doors

50 years ago today, in 1963, our very own protector of cruelty to animals, Bill Vernon, the rescuer of Curious George and Precious and so many dogs and cats before and after them, rescued his first dog at this very Adoption Center–a sweet little German Shepherd puppy his family named Odis.

Almost a quarter century later, Bill would begin his work with our organization. Next year, he'll celebrate 25 years as our Humane Society Police Officer, the lone soldier fighting cruelty in all of Delaware County.

It's hard to describe Bill adequately in a way that would do his great character justice. He's kind and gentle yet effective. He is a lifesaver in its truest form.

Today, Bill reminded us of his favorite quote, which he also happens to exemplify: “The great end of learning is not knowledge, but action.” Bill, I think I speak for all of us when I say, thanks for walking through our doors.

(Here Bill is pictured with our beloved animal cruelty survivor Precious who has since recovered and is living in an amazing forever home.)